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ExcelBricks provides an easy way to automate common Excel tasks. Instead of writing VBA or recording macros you use high level commands entered in a Configuration sheet.

For instance, there is a single command to

  • get data from SQL Server and other Excel workbooks
  • add a formula to each row that is not blank
  • apply filters
  • refresh pivots
  • convert formulas to values, etc.

You can also use (and even write your own) external modules for more customized functionality. For example

  • split content from a column across multiple rows
  • merge rows by collating data from a column
  • extract words that match a pattern from a cell
  • extract data from text based files
  • generate a presentation from a workbook

ExcelBricks has undergone very many iterations. While this doesn't mean 0 bugs :-), it does ensure a pretty high standard for reliability, error-handling and performance to start off.

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